Tamara + Jose

Lovelyphoto nosotros

Image value ...

In this world between ones and zeros,

in this wolrd expressed by emoticons,

publisshing all your life along the world by twitter and facebook,

real emotion already exist,

days lived at hight intensity,

hugs that get throught the skin,

touch the soul,

music that make skin goosegumps,

laught between tears ...

tears that make wet smiles

because there is too much coldness,

too much false closeness and too much emoticon ;

love, sensibility, emotion and feelings are in style more than ever ...

the day that we get married, our family and our friends see you so happy ...

hugs, kisses, the world seems to be frozen

you dont know if you are alive or dreaming

you need to get each instant, each look ... frozen for ever in your mind

and then you get the feeling that not all the things could be writen by 140 characteres ...

no emoticon could describe that emotions

thats the power of each image,

the power of the instant frozen for ever ...

thats photography for us.

A little bit more about us ...

We are Tamara Hevia and Jose Cruces or jose Cruces and Tamara Hevia, a full time marriage ... a full time team, two pieces of a same puzzel.

Together by the photographic passion, in love with our work, vibrate with our stories and feel the emotions to make you feel them ... so we are a couple

that live each work as the most special of our lives. Our families were photographers also, so we were born between cameras, flashes ...

photography is our work ... our hobby ... our passion, our engine, a way of life and feel what we live ... for us is an honour to share so special moments,

so dreamed and write them for the rest of there lifes. Welcome ...

Miembro fearless Miembro Mywed Inspiration zankyoufotografos de bodas españa


Photogeaphy of us by Johnny Garcia.

Awards ...

8 Premios Photo of the day en MYWED (RUSIA)

19 Premios editor choice MYWED ( Rusia )

2 Premios mejores fotos del mes MYWED ( Rusia ) Marzo 2015


Premio Goya de fotografia Reportaje social

Premio Goya de fotografia de fotografia Industrial

Master Fotoperiodismo Agencia Magnum.

QEP (Qualified European Photographer 2008 Portrait)

3 Nominaciones premios Lucus Augusti

Accesit Premio Banco Herrero 2007 ( Obra adquirida museo pueblo asturiano)

1º y 2º Premio Internacional Galaico-Portugues

Nominacion Premios Principado de Asturias

Obra de Merito entre la Coleccion de Honor federacion española

4 Nominaciones Premios Comunidad Valenciana

EXPO ...

Exposición Fotografos de boda España , Madrid, Barcelona, Vitoria .... 2016

Exposición "Futuro de Africa" Casa de Cultura Parres, Asturias, 2015

Exposicion Ong Netioleo en Centro Civico de Garrapinillos Zaragoza 2013

Tres Cantos, "Un objeto una vida" Madrid 2011

Palacio de Sástago Diputación de Zaragoza, con motivo Premios Goya 2011

Exposición "Fêmmes" en Asturias:

Sotrondio 2010

Pola de Laviana 2010

Arriondas 2010

Cangas de Onis 2010

Posada de Llanes 2010

Hotel Zentro, Zaragoza, con motivo Premios Goya 2009

Adolfo Dominguez Plaza España Zaragoza 2009

Un Objeto, una vida (Garrapinillos) 2008.

"Aire fresco" (Arriondas, Asturias) 2008.

Feria de muestras de Gijon, Premios Banco Herrero 2007

Colecciones de Honor España obra meritada para F.E.P.F.I 2004